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Industrial Contamination Removal and Filtration

Rockspoon Industries customises DownDraft and BackDraft Air Bench Filtration Solutions

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Why Choose Rockspoon Industries?

Need a different approach for Air Bench challenges?  Rockspoon’s Consultative, Comprehensive, Connected approach helps ensure you get the ideal solution for your organisation at a cost-effective ROI.

Industries We Serve

Air Benches– Customised DownDraft and BackDraft Extraction for removal of Laser Contamination and Industrial Restoration 

Metal & Machining

Rockspoon Industries ® Air Benches are used for grinding, buffing, and polishing applications in the Restoration and Metalworking industry.

Laser Cleaning Restoration

Rockspoon Industries ® Air Benches are used for Laser Cleaning and Extraction, applications in Restoration and Metalworking industry. Non-combustible materials

Mining & Minerals

Rockspoon Industries is your go-to for large extraction and grinding filtration Benches in mining and restoration projects.

Welding Fumes and Dust

Rockspoon Air Benchs can also be used in welding, and grinding processes even Wood where fumes and dust particles need to be contained.

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As a small dynamic, nimble company we help solve customers’ challenges, and offer new technologies with custom methods to adapt to your Applications.

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